'Sustain' a project that encourages the discussion around sustainability & the challenges that arise when we try to think of solutions.
'Air' - a short visual of a momentous New Zealand coastal landscape. A break where great cliffs surround & funnel the open ocean to form an ultimate arena for surfers to test their skills.
Magnetic Sunrise. Shot while bathing in the warmth of Summer's last morning. New Zealand's Banks Peninsula is truly mesmerising, golden hills roll into the ocean like a bag of brown sugar knocked over on the kitchen table. This short visual focuses on the landscape, its shapes & characteristics that make it so iconically New Zealand. This is the first installment of a year-long project that aims to inspire people of all ages & ethnicities to experience & explore.
What makes New Zealand coastlines so iconic? AHIPARA pt.1 is a short film shot on Super8 based on two boys who explore the salt-encrusted landscapes of the far north in search of good times & sunshine. Set around 1984, the prospect of waves on a swell-less weekend proves a challenge so great, the boys navigate both East & West Coasts in search of momentous water. Armed with nothing but a few bottles of ​​​​​​​Pride by Cliff Edge Wines, boards & their trusty steed Sandy, the 69' VW Beetle, the boys arrive at Shipwreck Bay. The rest, well that's history...
Summer may have moved on, but the boys are not over her. Pride by Cliff Edge Wines presents, 'AHIPARA PT.2 - Deliciously Dreamy'. The story of two boys living the New Zealand Summer dream continues, the great search for swell eventuates & the boys return to their home under the Pohutukawa, their minds set on a few glasses of Pride. The warmth from the late afternoon sun lingers into the night where dreams of shooting stars, wine & waves become real. Well and truly blown away by the beauty of the coast, the boys pack up, having only taken photos and left footprints (tire tracks), onto the next adventure.

An afternoon spent negotiating ridge lines, early winter snow & a polite hangover. Carrying nothing but a bottle of Pride & a super8 film camera, 3 boys soon to become men, ventured out to ski their first lines of winter in untouched backcountry snow. Take a trip back in time & enjoy 'Bordeaux for Lunch' a celebration of #thealpine 

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